Specialist bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance for property investors

What do property investors want from their bookkeepers and accountants?

Most have four priorities:

• Quality and accuracy but requiring minimum time and effort on their own part. • Reports that provide the information they most need and is of most value to them in running their business. • Confidence that they are compliant – with all tax and other financial submissions made on time. • For most the most important – that all possible expenses are claimed and that their affairs are organised in the way so that they legally pay the minimum tax possible.

That is the basis of the Accountomatic system.

Your time and effort are kept to an absolute minimum. All you have to do is scan in invoices, receipts and statements and leave the rest to us.

Quality and accuracy are assured in three ways:

• All reports and returns are prepared from a single database of transactions. With the robust software that we use, provided the data is entered correctly, it is just not possible for errors to arise. • All work is closely monitored and reviewed to ensure that data entry errors have not occurred. • As a further quality check, all output and reports are reviewed analytically to ensure that they ‘make sense’.

We’re property people and understand the information you need to run your business:

• Profit and loss is analysed on a property by property basis, so you know if any property is not producing the results you expect. • Rental income is monitored and any overdue rent identified. • Profits are allocated in accordance with partnership, joint venture or investor agreements. • The reports are bespoke to your requirements and provided in real time – that is, they are as up to date as the data has been processed. No waiting for weeks, months or even until the end of the year to find out what’s really going on, by which time the information has become of very little relevance or value to you.

Due to the quality of the software we use, You can have every confidence that the reports and returns produced are fully compliant, for whatever purpose they are intended. The software also provides reminders to ensure that all submissions to HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House are made by their due dates.

We specialise in tax planning and mitigation, so ensure that you claim every expense possible and that your business structure is such that you don ‘t pay a penny more in tax than you need to. What’s more, because your accounting records are maintained on an up to date basis, reports you are provided with an accurate indication of your tax liabilities in real time.

What more could you hope for or expect? You get all of this:

• Minimal time and effort on your part; • Secure, robust software and systems; • The exact information you need to efficiently run your business, exactly when you need it; • Confidence that all reports and returns are accurate and all submissions to authorities are made within time limits; and • Your tax bills are kept to the minimum legally possible.

So, how much does all of that cost?

The answer – it depends!

It depends upon the size of your business and number of transactions involved.

But there’s one certainty.

Once we agree a price with you, we stick to it. There are no extras. Your bookkeeping, accounting, financial reporting and tax submissions are fully dealt with in our all-encompassing price.

We’re not like some, who charge you monthly and then you find that there’s an extra bill at the year and for dealing with the accounts and tax submissions. No, our fixed, affordable and value for money fee, payable by monthly standing order, is all you pay. Within the scope of the terms of our engagement for this work, there are no extras! OK, if you require higher level advice outside the terms of the engagement, there would be a fee for that, but we would always, without fail, notify you if additional costs are to be incurred and agreeing the fee with you, before incurring them .

What’s more, you’ll be surprised at how low our fees are. Why not get in touch with us, right now by clicking here?