What should you expect from your accountant?

In this day and age, quite a lot. Certainly far more than the basic accounting and compliance services that have been the offering of so many accountants for so long. Many, possibly most, of those profess to providing “proactive services” and being the “trusted adviser” – after all, the days of your bank manager or solicitor fulfilling that function are long past – but, in reality, they do little more than pay lip service to those claims, providing little, if any, more than the same old, very basic service.

The fact is, that in the past that has been all that’s been required. Competition has been concentrated in that area, with few providing the oh so valuable services that would really be of the greatest assistance to you in running your business. We believe that, in this day and age, that’s nowhere near good enough. You need much more from your accountant than that. After all, you pay him or her enough, don’t you?

The most up to date software and techniques affect the way your accountant should provide their services in three key ways:

- Compliance services can, so easily, be “automated”, to such an extent that, for you, both your time commitment and the cost are reduced dramatically.

- By maintaining financial records both accurately and on an up to date basis, a huge amount of information can quickly and consistently be provided to you, as and when you need it, to help you taking those tricky decisions and making the very most of your business.

- The ease with which compliance can be dealt with and management information generated, enable the accountant to take that proactive position, as your genuinely trusted adviser, in planning and monitoring your business and personal wealth.

So that you can receive the high level of service and excellence that, for the fees you pay, is certainly due to you, we have taken the step of completely separating our compliance services from our consultancy, advisory and business planning services. To achieve that, we have established the Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service to “automatically” deal with all routine accounting and compliance matters: bookkeeping, financial accounting, VAT submissions, corporation and personal tax returns and corporate compliance. This service is provided on a monthly, all inclusive, fixed fee basis, with absolutely no extras or add-ons, so you know exactly what you will get and what you will pay for it.

What’s more, the Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service reduces your own time to an absolute minimum. All you need do is scan in your invoices, receipts and statements on an agreed periodic basis and we do the rest! You can sleep soundly, knowing that your tax and financial compliance is taken care of by our trained, monitored and mentored staff, with our systems and controls ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data, reports and returns.

To learn more about the Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service please click here. We know that all of that compliance “stuff” is nothing but an imposition on your time, so that with it nicely parked with Accountomatic Automated Accounting, you are left free to really make the very most of your business, possibly with the assistance of our Consultancy, Advisory and Planning services!

Those Consultancy, Advisory and Planning services open up a great range of option, from which you can pick and choose as required:

Operational Services

Although many of our Operational Services are suitable for bolting onto the Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service, you are also welcome to dip into these services, as and when needed:

- Business health check

- Cash flow management

- Management reports

- Budget preparation

- Budget and KPI monitoring

- Tax planning and advice

- Business benchmarking

- Valuations

- Systems reviews

- Net worth reports

Strategic and Planning Services

Strategic and planning services are aimed directly at assisting you to both make the most of your business and minimise its imposition on your personal time, include:

- Profits improvement

- Systems development

- Strategic reports

- Strategic planning

- Business plans

- HR development

- Leadership training

- Strategic marketing

- Coaching

Wealth Creation

Wealth creation services include

- Financial planning

- Risk management

- Wealth strategies

- Tax consultancy and planning

- Remuneration packaging

- Financing

- Succession planning

- Estate planning

Accountomatic Automated Accounting

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