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What is the Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service?

As you can see from the headline of this web page, Accountomatic Automated Accounting is probably the quickest, easiest and best value for money bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance service that you will find in the UK.

It has been painstakingly developed by a chartered accountant with many years experience with owner managed and family businesses, in a wide range of business sectors. The specific objective is to reduce to the absolute minimum the burden placed on you by your by bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance obligations and responsibilities, at the same time giving you every confidence that the whole of the accounting and tax compliance function will be efficiently and professionally dealt with.

With the Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service, all you do is scan in your invoices, receipts and statements – and that’s it. No more struggling with bookkeeping, accounts and tax returns for you. Sit back and leave it to us, while you apply your resources to the most important areas of your business – really making the most of it.

Just look at how little you do:

and for you, that’s it. Leave it to us to:

All of that and all you do is scan in your accounting documents and maybe complete a quick and easy form, taking only a few minutes each day!

How does that sound?

Could it be the perfect solution for you?

How can the Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service be so efficient?

The Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service is based on a secure central database, set up specially for your business, with all transactions coded and processed into that database. Due to the way in which the transactions are coded, the apps contained within the software are able to extract the exact information required for the preparation of all reports, accounts, tax returns and other submissions.

Do you see how efficient that is?

By coding and processing transactions into the secure central database set up for your business and then applying the rigorously tested apps contained in the software, all of the reports, accounts, tax returns and other submissions are automatically produced from the same data, “at the touch of a button”!

The accuracy of the data processed – the amounts and codes applied – is, of course, absolutely critical to the quality of the output. Strict controls are applied to processing and reviewing your data to ensure that it is 100% perfect.

The automatic nature of the apps further reduces, to an infinitesimal amount, the scope for error or inconsistencies in the reports, accounts and returns. Notwithstanding that, analytical techniques and reviews are applied to all output, as a “belt and braces” measure, to further confirm integrity and accuracy.

The Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service is massive value for money...

You have seen how efficient the Accountomatic Automated Accounting service is. The “one touch” processing and automated reporting together reduce the cost to a level where it represents immense value for money. If you compare the cost with your current bookkeeping, accounting or other related professional services, you are sure to be absolutely astounded at the value provided.

Further, the subscription for the Accountomatic Automated Accounting service is “all inclusive”. The fee agreed with you is the fee you are charged. There are never any shock, unexpected extras or year end charges!

The Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service provides an unequivocal guarantees...

Due to the rigorously applied controls of processing, the automation provided by the apps contained within the software and the strictly applied checks and reviews of the processed data, reports and returns, the Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service unequivocally guarantees the accuracy and compliance of all reports, accounts and returns produced within the terms of the engagement.

Due to the massively efficient reporting, a similar guarantee is given that, subject to all information being provided by you at the agreed times, all submissions to HMRC and Companies House, falling within the terms of the engagement, will be made by their due dates.

Due to the overall efficiency of the Accountomatic Automated Accounting system, fees are guaranteed not to exceed the amount agreed with you. As you’ve seen, there are never any unexpected shocks for “extras” or “year end charges”. When you sign up for this service, your monthly subscription for the engagement services is fully inclusive. The agreed fee is the fee that you pay – and no more.

These three exceptional guarantees should provide you with absolute confidence in the Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service.

It's quick and easy to sign up for The Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service...

Signing up for the Accountomatic Automated Accounting Service is as easy as making a short, no obligation phone call, to discuss your business and needs. Provided we believe that we would be a good fit (we don’t take on everyone), we issue a short questionnaire for you to complete.

When we receive the completed questionnaire back from you, we issue an engagement letter, setting out the services to be provided and the terms.

As soon as you “sign up”, we contact your present bookkeeper, accountant and/or other professional advisor, to obtain the information we need and then we take it from there.

From that point, your bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance is dealt with by simply scanning in invoices, receipts and statements and, for cash businesses, completing a short form on an agreed periodic basis. It shouldn’t take 10 minutes, if even that!

We complete the whole of your financial records and deal with all financial and tax compliance on your behalf.

Obviously there’s an ‘on boarding’ process we have to take you through, but that’s a one off exercise to provide the information required to set up your accounts, register with HMRC as your agent. obtain the bridging information between the records provided by your present bookkeeper, accountant and/or other professional advisor and the date we take over and deal with the compliance requirements, such as anti money laundering checks.

None of that is excessively time consuming or onerous and, once complete, apart from the occasional question that may arise during processing, for you it becomes a matter of scanning in documents and, possibly, completing the cash business form on an agreed periodic basis – and that’s the extent of it.

It really is as quick and easy as that, so take the first, important step towards your freedom from the stress and hassle of your financial compliance obligations, by clicking the button below and getting in touch with us, right now?